• Corked Champagne: Vilmart 1993 Coeur de Cuvée in magnum

    Some things just aren't meant to be. Last night, I opened the last of my magnums of Vilmart's 1993 Coeur de Cuvée, only to find that it was corked. This came as no surprise: it was the third bottle from a three-magnum case that I had purchased on release, and the one before it had been corked, too. And the one before that.

    I remember that a friend brought a magnum of this wine to a gathering a few years ago, and it, too, was corked. As was another one at a different party not long before that. In fact, while I know that I have tasted sound examples of this wine from magnum, I cannot even remember the last time that it actually happened.

    It's a great pity, not only because it's a terrible thing to have any wine be corked, and
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