• Anselme Selosse of Champagne Jacques Selosse

    Sometime during the night between March 21 and 22, thieves broke into the cellars of Jacques Selosse and stole nearly 4,000 bottles of champagne. In total, they took eight pallets of wine, most of which were labeled for export to the US and Japan—these contained bottles of Initial, Version Originale, Substance, Rosé, Exquise and Il Etait Une Fois.

    More troubling for the domaine was that the thieves also took 14,000 labels of Initial and 2,000 labels of V.O., along with 2,500 champagne foils: this indicates that they are likely seeking to produce counterfeit editions of these wines.

    In a statement released by the domaine, Selosse notes that the deep, nearly black color of the glass bottle that he uses is virtually unique in Champagne, and that any

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