• Opening dates for the 2012 Champagne harvest: Aube

    The harvest in Champagne officially begins today, with several villages in the Aube authorized to commence picking. Each year, the dates of harvest are set by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), Champagne's governing body, depending upon the data that they receive from across the region. The start date varies according to village, with warmer terroirs ripening earlier than cooler ones, and in addition, each grape variety may also have a different starting date: today in Ville-sur-Arce or Polisy, for example, growers can begin harvesting pinot noir and meunier, but chardonnay is not authorized until Thursday, the 13th. You don't have to start on your given day, of course—you can wait for higher sugar levels if you like. But you can't begin picking before t
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