• 2014 harvest dates in Champagne

    The harvest officially began today in Champagne, with picking authorized in Cumières, as well as in a number of villages in the Aube, particularly for pinot noir and meunier.

    The 2014 growing season has seen its share of ups and downs: after a beautiful spring, the summer months were cool and unusually rainy, prompting some concerns about both ripeness and malady. The weather leading up to the harvest, though, has been sunny and warm, and the forecast for the next week looks promising as well.

    Most of the other major communes in the Marne will begin picking later this week: villages in the Côte des Blancs such as Avize, Cramant, Le-Mesnil and Vertus will begin on the 11th and 12th, and even the traditionally late-ripening villages of the northern Montagne de Reims, such as Verzy or Mailly-Champagne, are authorized to begin harv
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