• The 2013 harvest officially began today in Champagne, with two villages in the Aube, Balnot-sur-Laignes and Buxeuil, authorized to commence picking. In Champagne, the starting dates for the harvest are strictly controlled by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), who determine individual starting dates not only for each village, but also for each of the appellation's three major grape varieties—in Buxeuil, for example, growers are allowed to pick chardonnay and pinot noir as of today, but they must wait to pick meunier until at least the 30th of September.

    Cumières is among the handful of places that will begin picking in the Marne tomorrow, but growers in most villages will have to wait, with many not scheduled to begin until October. Of course, these are only starting dates, and quality-minded growers can opt to wait further in the hop
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