• Frost damage on a Demarne-Frison chardonnay vine in the Aube

    In the modern day, warm weather early in the year has become habitual in Champagne, causing buds to appear earlier than in previous times. The danger of this, of course, is that it makes the young buds more susceptible to spring frosts.

    On Tuesday morning, temperatures in the Aube dropped as low as -7°C (19°F), causing damage in a number of vineyards. Chardonnay, being more precocious than pinot noir, was particularly affected: the above photo is of a frozen bud on a chardonnay vine in Thierry de Marne's vineyard of La Fiole, in Ville-sur-Arce. The total extent of the damage is not yet known, but the reality is that spring frosts like this one are becoming more and more of a threat in this era of climate change.

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