• Emmanuel Lassaigne in Montgueux's Clos Ste-Sophie

    The word "clos" is bandied around quite a bit these days, and cynical observers might say that it seems to refer to any parcel that once may or may not have had a wall next to it. There are certain parcels that are officially designated as a clos by the authorities, however (the French do love their bureaucracy), and the village of Montgueux has one of its very own, the Clos Ste-Sophie.

    In fact, the Clos Ste-Sophie has been renowned for over a century, which might seem strange when you consider that the bulk of Montgueux has only been planted since the 1950s. However, there is ample documentation of the clos in the 19th century: in 1885, a Professor Marcel Dupont wrote a monograph detailing the clos and it
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