• 520 - Champagnes et Vins d'Auteurs, Pierre-Yves Cainjo's wine shop in Epernay

    Located in the heart of the Marne Valley, Epernay is the self-proclaimed capital of Champagne. One would think that being in such close proximity to so many champagne producers, the city would be full of great wine shops. In fact, the opposite is true—in Epernay, there are surprisingly few places to buy wine, and at most of these, all you’ll find is the largest brands.

    Fortunately, this has now been rectified by 520, which opened at the beginning of May. Owned by Pierre-Yves Cainjo, it’s located on avenue Paul Chandon close to the city’s covered market, and it has instantly become Epernay’s finest wine store. Why 520? If you say it in French, 520 (cinq cent vingt) sounds like “500 wines” (cinq cent vins)
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