• Champagne Jacquesson Cuvée No. 731

    Since 2000, the Chiquet brothers of Champagne Jacquesson have reimagined their non-vintage brut, abandoning the pretense of consistency in favor of creating the best blend that they possibly can from each harvest. These have been released in a series of numbered cuvées, beginning with Cuvée No. 728—according to the meticulous records kept by the house, this was the 728th blend created at Jacquesson since its founding in 1798. The 728 was based on the 2000 harvest, and since then, subsequent releases have followed suit: No. 729, No. 730, and so forth.

    The current release is the Cuvée No. 736, based on 2008. On a recent visit to Jacquesson, I asked Jean-Herv
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