• Champagne Comte Hugues de la Bourdonnaye Brut Nature

    I was recently tasting several meunier-based champagnes with a couple of sommelier friends in NYC, and one of them asked the group what our triggers were for recognizing and identifying meunier in a champagne.

    It’s an interesting question: most of us feel reasonably familiar with the varietal characteristics of pinot noir or chardonnay, yet meunier is often elusive. Part of this could be because we haven’t seen many pure meunier champagnes until relatively recently, and so we’ve had little opportunity to see the grape in isolation. Also, we’re able to taste many versions of pinot noir and chardonnay from around the world, even if they aren’t sparkling, and this gives us a frame of reference as to what these grapes can do. Meunier, though, is rarely seen, apart from the odd Schwarzriesling or the occasional esot
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