• Frost damage in Larmandier-Bernier's chardonnay vineyards in Vertus

    During the spring in Champagne, no matter how nice it is during the day, the threat of frost in the evenings persists well into May. This year, the unusually early warmth has made growers anxious, as the growth in many vineyards across the region has been up to three weeks ahead of average, leaving the developing buds susceptible to frost damage.

    While the weather remained cooperatively warm throughout April, on Wednesday morning of this past week the temperatures dipped to −2°C (28°F), and a number of growers reported losses in the vineyards. The above photo is from Pierre and Sophie Larmandier of Larmandier-Bernier, who lost about one hectare of chardonnay in Vertus, although they said that the vines in the warmer terroirs

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