• Champagne Jacques Selosse 2002 Millésime at the Trait d'Union tasting in April, 2012

    At the recent Trait d'Union tasting, Anselme Selosse unveiled a new label for his vintage champagnes, which I only had time to snap a quick Instagram photo of while being jostled around by the crowd. Stylistically, this label clearly echoes that of his lieux-dits, or single-vineyard champagnes, which have been on the market for a couple of years now. Beyond simply its aesthetic appearance, however, the new label offers insight into Selosse's philosophies and the way that he views his wines.

    For Selosse, it is not only the wine in bottle that is important, but also the context within which that wine exists: without that context, it is impossible to gain a true understanding of the individual wine. Context exists o
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