• Pascal Agrapart, Avize, Champagne

    Chardonnay and pinot noir are so passé. Meunier is the hipster grape of the moment. But the really cool kids? They're into the "other" varieties, preferably co-planted and pressed together in the spirit of Jean-Michel Deiss.

    In 2002 and 2003, Pascal Agrapart planted a small parcel in his top Avize vineyard, La Fosse, with six different varieties. "The idea is very much like Deiss," he says. "When you harvest and press these grapes together, they cancel each other out, so you have much less varietal character, revealing more of the minerality."

    The wine is vinified in old, 600-liter demi-muids, as can be seen in the above photo, taken while we were tasting the 2011 edition earlier this week. The proportions in the vineyard slightly favor
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