• Alexandre Chartogne of Champagne Chartogne-Taillet

    I stopped by Chartogne-Taillet last week on a day that Alexandre Chartogne happened to be bottling his single-vineyard champagnes, or at least thinking about bottling them. He makes an ungrafted meunier from Les Barres, of course, and a pinot noir from Orizeaux. There's another meunier from Alliées and a chardonnay from Heurtebise, neither of which will be bottled separately in 2012. Finally, he has a chardonnay from Chemin de Reims, a historically important vineyard that's a little more overtly calcareous than most parcels in Merfy.

    In 2012, Chartogne vinified Les Barres entirely in barrique, but he fermented a portion of Chemin de Reims and Orizeaux in concrete egg
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