• Benoit Lahaye Le Jardin de la Grosse Pierre

    While there are many single-vineyard champagnes to be found across the region, one of the most unusual is the newly released Le Jardin de la Grosse Pierre, from Benoît Lahaye. This comes from a 30-are parcel in Bouzy, located at the base of the slope where Lahaye says the grapes always attain a high degree of ripeness, and the majority of the vines here were planted in 1923.

    The distinctive feature of this parcel, though, is that it’s a field blend of many different varieties, which Lahaye harvests, presses and vinifies all together. There are, as you would expect, vines of chardonnay, pinot noir and meunier. There is also some pinot gris, arbanne, petit meslier, and a fair amount of pinot blanc, which is uncommon but by no means unique
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