• 1995 Pierre Gimonnet Cuvée Oenophile Blanc de Blancs

    There is some debate about whether or not a brut nature or non-dosé champagne will improve with further aging after disgorgement. Tom Stevenson, for example, believes that non-dosé champagnes are at their very best upon being disgorged, and that a champagne cannot age gracefully without dosage. I, on the other hand, find many non-dosé champagnes to acquire more complexity and harmony with time. Some, such as Jérôme Prévost's Les Béguines or Vouette et Sorbée's Fidèle, actually need a couple of years after disgorgement to show their best.

    I do think, however, that the aging curve is shorter for a champagne without dosage, and I don't always see a great advantage in holding ont
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