• The Champagne harvest is drawing to a close, with growers in most areas having finished picking by now. Initial opinions about 2014 are high, for the most part: while the summer was cool and wet, particularly in the month of August, the weather during the September harvest has been extraordinarily warm and sunny, resulting in a late burst of ripening.

    Up until this past Sunday (the 21st), the temperatures had been in the 80s °F (high 20s °C) during the day, with plenty of sunshine, which benefited both grapes and humans. A serious rainstorm on Saturday evening and Sunday morning brought a change in weather, and while it’s still sunny and pleasant this week, the temperatures are notably cooler, largely in the mid-60s °F, or high teens °C. In the Côte des Blancs, the Grande Vallée and much of the Montagne de Reims, many people h
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