• Chartogne-Taillet Les Orizeaux 2007, single-vineyard champagne

    Last year, Alexandre Chartogne of Chartogne-Taillet released the 2006 Les Barres, an ungrafted meunier from a parcel of 55-year-old vines and the first in an intriguing series of single-vineyard champagnes from various terroirs in the village of Merfy. Soon, meaning perhaps early 2012, he will release the 2007 Orizeaux, a pure pinot noir from a parcel on sand, clay and limestone, also with vines 55 years of age.

    I've tasted Les Orizeaux with Chartogne a number of times before, but it has always been à la volée, or disgorged on the spot. He did pour a few bottles at Terres et Vins earlier this year, and those, too, were non-dosé. Now, preparing for
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