• In the battle against cork taint, Champagne producers are increasingly embracing the Mytik DIAM, a closure made from cork particles that are treated with supercritical carbon dioxide. This process, which is the same one that is used to decaffeinate coffee, is said to extract nearly 150 compounds from the cork, including 99.8 percent of TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole).

    Marie-Noelle Ledru 2002 Brut NatureOeneo Closures, the producer of the Mytik, claims that this method results in a TCA content of less than 0.5 ng/L, below the threshold of detection, and essentially guarantees their product against cork taint. It’s true that the incidence of cork taint is dramatically decreased with the Mytik, but I have encountered a few isolated exa
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